Monday, April 16, 2012


Because I received an awesome bike trainer for Christmas this past year, I have the luxury on a cold morning to ride my road bike inside. Usually as I spin my wheels, I catch up on various news programs, and I am always amazed at the spin that is thrown my way. 

The fact that a mother and father are mourning the death of their child is indeed incredibly sad, and I pray that I would never experience the grief and heartache that is now a part of their life. And yet as I have watched the news reports of Trayvon Martin’s death, I have felt frustrated by the media’s bias in their reporting. It is hard to know what the truth is anymore. It certainly seems that George Zimmerman acted irresponsibly, but I don’t believe that justifies the media altering video footage, misleading the public in their selective airing of portions of the 911 phone calls, and using only the photos that would invoke their desired sympathies. On the day he was taken into custody, one reporter said that Zimmerman was finally arrested showing his frustration that it hadn’t happened sooner.

If Trayvon was my son, I would demand a full investigation as his parents have done and want justice for my son’s death. But on the flip side, if Zimmerman was my son, I wouldn’t want him tried in the media and convicted to appease the thousands of protesters. Certainly there needs to be justice as the many protesters have demanded, but shouldn’t that go both ways. Impartiality should be something we ought to be able to expect from the media.

Clearly there is a line drawn between those who believe Zimmerman and those who want him hung, and then there are the many others who are trying to profit from this tragedy. In a perfect world, we wouldn’t need a neighborhood watch, be scared of an unfamiliar young man wandering our neighborhoods wearing a hoodie, or feel a need to carry a gun to protect one’s life and property, but unfortunately until circumstances inciting those fears diminish, more deaths of young men like Trayvon will likely happen. The dialogue should turn from vilifying George Zimmerman, the need for gun control, and the injustices of profiling and racism to how we raise children who respect life and liberty of all. It seems rather simplistic, but when we actually believe and live by the ideal that “all men are created equal”, the rest will take care of itself.

Spin that!

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Brenda said...

Spin indeed!! My heart goes out to both families for we don't really know what happened. Hopefully, the rightful justice will prevail. Neither Trayvon's family or Zimmerman's lives will be the same. The whole situation is so very sad.