Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Four More Years?

It wasn’t just a loss for Mitt Romney but perhaps the American Dream as well. In this election, being a prosperous and hardworking businessman was a downfall. Entitlement programs won, and it seems hard work might have lost. While referring to Romney, CBS Anchorwoman Gayle King – Oprah’s BFF and an assumed Obama supporter – questioned, “When did being successful and wealthy become a negative?” My thoughts exactly! When a country idolizes and admires the likes of The Kardashians, Charlie Sheen, and Lil Wayne for their success and condemns Mitt Romney for his, I am truly baffled.

This morning the headlines read “Four More Years.” And I ask myself, will it be four more years of an expansion of government, increase in programs like Obamaphones, and a continued astronomical growth in our national debt? For my children’s sake, I hope not.  I want my children to understand that when you work hard, you can be successful and experience a great sense of pride and accomplishment in your achievements. Occasional handouts and help to those in need should always be a part of our society, but without fail, it will always feel better and be more appreciated when a person earns what is received.  I hope as a country that we haven’t lost sight of that basic principle.

Although my man lost last night, and I believe the country missed an opportunity to be led by a strong, smart, successful, honorable man, I echo his words and will pray for our President. 

And just for the record, I am leaving my television off for a while. Call me a sore loser, but I just cannot stomach David Axelrod’s smirk any longer. I wish I was a better woman, but that man gets under my skin.

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cathy said...

yes, that one's going to hurt for a while. my disappointment of the outcome was surprisingly deep and wide. that evolved into the sad realization that my antiquated view are officially in the minority.