Thursday, March 22, 2012

Marathon Training Tip #SPF 30+

In my head, I have these silly physical standards for myself. Many people do a triathlon without actually knowing how to swim. They float, do the back stroke, or doggy paddle their way to the finish line. I couldn’t do that. For me to participate in a triathlon and have it count as an accomplishment, I had to actually put my face in the water and swim. Thus, it took me several years to learn to swim and reach my triathlon goal.

Last year, I ran my first marathon, but for some reason in my illogical thinking, I cannot consider myself a marathon runner. That can only be an achievement when I have run at least two marathons.  And so the training for my next race has begun. 

Earlier this week, on a nice sunny day, I did a 16 mile training run. I am slow but consistent, and so it took me about 3 hours to finish. Usually I wear a visor to protect my face from the sun, but because of the wind chill, I sported a headband to cover my ears. I am not sure if that is where I went wrong, or if not applying sunscreen was my mistake, but at the end of my run I was sporting a ridiculous tan line.

So my marathon training tip for the day is a) apply sunscreen, b) wear your headband equal to your hairline, or c) consider yourself a marathon runner after just one race. 

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

All things being equal

This morning at 1:14am the sun crossed over the earth’s equator, and today we will experience the same amount of sunlight as we do nighttime.  It is supposed to be the day we welcome spring, but a snow storm came instead.

Why does Kim Kardashian tweet her disgust about a woman breastfeeding her baby in public but is mum about Jennifer Lopez’s overexposure to 39 million viewers during her appearance on the Academy Awards. The rule of thumb must be that a breast may be exposed as long as a baby is not attached to it. 

I would have thought there would have been more outrage from the media about Colton calling Leif a munchkin and an oompa loompa on a recent episode of Survivor. I am sure there would have been talk if Leif would have made derogatory gay remarks about Colton.  I guess they haven’t figured out how to address a gay bully. 

And a 48 year-old man has recently adopted his 42 year-old girlfriend in a crazy attempt to protect his substantial fortune. Just wondering, if John Goodman doesn’t have to pay for the young man’s death caused by his drunk driving, could he be prosecuted for sexual relations with his “daughter”.