Sunday, August 7, 2016

The wisdom in Proverbs

Somedays – and maybe even most days lately – happiness has felt elusive. Things that are out of my control have controlled my happiness. I have allowed illnesses, children’s choices, broken cars and broken dreams to break down my joy and destroy my peace. 

Perhaps, the wisdom, the understanding, and the empathy gained in each of these situations is the way to happiness. Life will never be free of heartache, but as we come to see the wisdom of how God has taught us to find joy in the things, the lessons, the understanding He provides, and we allow His peace to be in our lives, we can and will be happy. 

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

The Miracle of a Seed

Almost without thinking, this morning, I bowed my head as I placed my cantaloupe and eggs before me and asked God to help them nourish and strengthen my body. I wouldn’t even categorize my words as a prayer or a blessing. I offered one of those vain repetitions the scriptures caution us to avoid, and I knew better. Obtaining, eating, and enjoying foods that nourish my body has never been a problem, so why do I use those words. It used to be ignorance. But now, I simply allow old habits and laziness to invade my prayers. Yes, my mother – as most moms have done – told me to eat all of my vegetables because there were starving children in Africa. Now, when I take the time to pause and pray over my food, I think about those children, and I realize how blessed I am for not only the abundance of food, but also the variety available and the ease in which it is obtained. So, instead of asking for heath and strength, I think about how I can use that strength to bless others, I express gratitude that I have never experienced real hunger and the food I eat provides nourishment, I think about all the farmers and workers who labor long hours to make my food possible, and I contemplate the beauty of rain, the wonder of the sun, and the miracle of a seed. Perhaps, in a few days, old habits will creep back into my prayers again, but the seed of gratitude has been planted, and I know if nourish it, it will continue to grow.