Sunday, March 15, 2009

A cop out or environmentally friendly?

On my birthday last week my husband thought he was being cute and thought his actions were blog worthy. So I am not sure if his true intentions were to be environmentally responsible or if he was being lazy. Several minutes before it was time for me to open presents, he left the kitchen with one of my “go green” bags. He then returned with my present inside the bag. I believe he may have forgotten to wrap my present, but I’ll give him the benefit and believe he was being clever. It was better than him just handing it to me. Ashlee said he could accomplish the same purpose of not wasting paper by reusing a birthday gift bag like she did. I don’t think I will ever not wrap presents to save paper because opening them is too much fun.


Kathy said...

I just attended a baby shower where one clever gift giver took two reusable grocery sacks and filled them to the brim with baby stuff. Her clever use of the bags got rave reviews from the party goers. Your hubby is a pretty clever guy!

cathy said...

Hmm. Has he ever wrapped presents before. Not likely. Cop out, I say.

Willardsen Family said...

Would this be the Alison I know? I found you on Cathy's blog. I am glad I caught up with you if it is. It was great to see everyone last month.