Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Take some notes Jesse and Tiger

Well, I hear that Jesse James has decided if sex addiction therapy could possibly salvage Tiger’s marriage and reputation, he might as well give it a shot. I guess they think that a doctor’s “diagnosis” should excuse their bad behavior. I can’t decide who the bigger cad is, but I am definitely leaning towards the Cheetah or quite possibly Johnny Edwards. I was starting to believe that all famous men are incapable of any kind of fidelity, and then my heart was warmed by a report about Jeff Bridges. He recently won several awards including an Academy Award for his role in Crazy Heart. He attended all ceremonies with his wife of 33 years and apparently they seemed very, very affectionate. In fact, Piers Morgan of Britain’s Got Talent fame was recapping events of the Oscars, and said of Bridges, “It is amazing to see a Hollywood husband keeping his hands like that on his own wife.” So Tiger and Jesse, if you want your marriage to last, just keep your hands from wandering.

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