Monday, April 18, 2011

Things I simply cannot understand . . .

Barbara Walters. Why is this woman considered a great journalist? All I know is she takes herself way too seriously. Barbara, when David Letterman makes a funny about you, there is no need to explain that you didn’t have plastic surgery while recuperating from your heart surgery, everyone knows it is a joke.

The Royal Wedding phenomenon. It seems as if I can’t escape the current “news” about this event. I really don’t care who designed the gown. And now tonight, Barbara Walters will enlighten us on this modern day fairytale. If it takes you eight years to decide if you really love the person enough to marry them, is it really a fairytale?

Tax day. Okay, I understand that April 15th is tax day, but if it is also another holiday, will it be permanently moved to another day? I didn’t realize I had a few more days to hold on to my check.

School lunch. Apparently a school district in Chicago is outlawing brown bagging. The reason – homemade lunch is not as nutritious as the school lunch. The only way I see that this is even possible is if the parents are sending a package of Twinkies, a bag of Cheetos, and a Mountain Dew to wash them down.

Time. My grandson turns a year today, and it seems like he was born just yesterday. And yet, my brother-in-law was killed in a car accident nearly two years ago, and it seems like an eternity since he was with us.

Puberty at age seven.  How do you explain menstruating to a little seven year-old girl? Two of the reasons for this crazy occurrence – obesity in children and all of the hormones in the meat we eat. And that is two reasons to skip the tax relief offer of the second Big Mac for a penny at McDonald’s today.

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Dawn said...

yes, parents do send their kids to school with a bag of chips and a can of pop. I see it every day. :(