Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Stranger than Fiction

This whole Weiner-gate gets stranger every day. First of all, if the Artist formerly known as Prince can change his name to a symbol, Mister Weiner could at the very least change the pronunciation of his name. Maybe his wife will have enough sense to give the baby her last name.

I saw the two remaining women on Christina Aguilera’s team on The Voice. It made me wonder if she didn’t want anyone on her team with prettier hair than her bleach-blonde locks.

Did you see the Nightline about face recognition technology on facebook? It was just a little scary. My facebook activity is on the minimal side. I have never actually tagged anyone in a picture. Apparently, if I upload a picture, facebook can determine who else from the facebook community is in the picture without me even telling them. It sounded like a strange concept from a science fiction novel. The scary part is it is real.

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