Friday, July 8, 2011

Calling for Ben Matlock

As I heard the verdict on the Casey Anthony trial, I immediately thought how great it would have been for Ben Matlock to have been the defense attorney. When he solved a case, it didn’t make you wonder if the wrong guy was acquitted. Every show of this series was based on a murder and an obvious suspect. Matlock’s client was always proven innocent by him solving the crime and identifying the actual murderer. I guess Ms. Anthony’s attorneys actually tried this approach by accusing her father. It helped to get her off, but I don’t think she thought through the ramifications of that defense. Not only does it seem that her family relationships will be forever strained, but the country finds her even more despicable.

One of the most disturbing facts that I have heard since the verdict is that 200 children die each year at the hands of a parent. It made me wonder with all of the attention on Caylee Anthony why we haven’t heard more about the other 199 children killed that year. I am always saddened to hear news about the very person who should protect and defend a child at all costs is the one who has done them the greatest harm.

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