Sunday, December 9, 2012

Oh, Baby!

While recently stumping for President Obama, Bill Clinton announced his plans for celebrating his 37th wedding anniversary and received a round of enthusiastic applause from the audience. With his infidelity being so rampant in his marriage, should he really be receiving any credit for the longevity of the union? 

Monica Lewinsky is finally writing a book about the affair. I always found it odd that she had not cashed in on that experience earlier. Maybe she truly did want to put it all behind her, but the public would not let her. I guess no matter what her accomplishments, she will always be known as “that woman.”

Poor Hillary looks exhausted. It could be the anticipation of the tell-all book, her hectic schedule as Secretary of State, or simply being married to Bill. With all she has been through, I would think a divorce would give her more peace and respite than retirement. 

With her recent trip to the Middle East, it seems Kim Kardashian is hoping to be considered to replace Mrs. Clinton. Maybe she actually believes the rumors that President Obama is going Hollywood. And for her boyfriend Kanye – with all his people skills – she probably believes he is being considered as the new CIA Director. Yes, their egos are that big.

It seems the rumors of a love baby between Kimye are not true just yet. But now that there is a royal baby in the near future, I am sure they won’t want Will and Kate getting all the attention. 

Tears of joy from the commoners could be seen all throughout England with the announcement of Kate’s much anticipated pregnancy. And now the baby bump watching begins. Oh, poor Kate. She thought the topless photographs were intrusive. I think she will be amazed at the angles in which the paparazzi will photograph her expanding tummy. 

As much as I hate the term, I wish that I had not only invented but trademarked “baby bump.” If I only had a nickel for every time it was said during Beyonce’s pregnancy, I could pay off the national debt. Well, I guess there are worse things. They could be saying something silly like infantile incubation increase. Now, doesn’t that just immediately make you feel better about hearing baby bump for the next 9 months?

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