Monday, November 16, 2015

If laughter really is the best medicine . . .

Lately, for so many reasons, my heart has been heavy. Maybe you feel like I do, and you need a reason to smile. If you're tired of all the things on social media and your news feed that bring you down, here is a little piece of something light for today.

A Confusing Sestina

He said he would send the flower, its homophone
Flour is what we requested. I hoped his confusion
was a simple misunderstanding.
A blossom is not what I wanted, the synonym
Of grain is what I kneaded. Language!
Oops! Needed is the write word.

To write is done with a pencil. The word
Right is concerned with proper selection. A homophone
Can cause frustration with language.
Two, too, and to also cause confusion,
Two is a number, to is towards, and too is the synonym
Of many. I hope they’re is no misunderstanding.

If one simply separates they’re into they are. No misunderstanding
With their or there wood be made. Wood is a word
That refers to an oak or a maple. Would is the synonym
Of will do. Do is the homophone
Of dew. And dew should not be confused
With due. It means payable in are language.

Are and our are interchanged too frequently in language.
Each mite cause some misunderstanding.
Shoot! Mite is a creature. Confusion
Comes when one does knot use the word
Might. Yikes! Knot is a homophone
Of not. And to tie is it’s synonym.

It’s would not be its synonym,
Another frequent blunder in language.
Because it’s and its sound the same, a homophone
Is what they are. To avoid misunderstanding
It’s is a contraction of it is, and its is a word
That implies possession. Sew much confusion!

Sew is to stitch. So means therefore. More and moor confusion!
Moor is a swampy grassland, while a synonym
Of more is extra. One must bee careful what word
Is used. Be means to exist in the English language.
Bee is an insect oar a bug. Another misunderstanding!
Oar is a paddle. Ore is a metal. And or is not their synonym.

A synonym is a word that has a similar meaning. A homophone
Is a word with a different definition but sounds the same. Language
Not clear can cause confusion. I hope this will dismiss all misunderstanding.

And if you have never heard of a sestina before, here is a little background on this poetry style. 

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