Friday, April 24, 2009

Just do it Donny Osmond!

My TV habits are rather funny. I like news programs and reality shows. Most of the reality shows are winding down. I thought I would share some of my thoughts:

I seriously can’t stand Ron. Why haven’t they voted him off yet? With Sione gone and Kristen being voted off last week, I am now pulling for Filipe or Tara. I am so glad Kristen didn’t think Ron was really so innocent of his son’s actions. I think Ron’s deceiving and manipulative ways would make him an excellent contestant on Survivor, and the bonus is that most players have found that show to be a successful weight loss program.

I hate it when all the competitive guys are voted off quickly after the merge. With Brendon last week and Tyson voted out this week, it allows someone like Erinn with no strategy or hope of winning individual immunity to sneak into the finals. I liked Coach’s idea of all the strong alpha male players in the final four. That would have been fun to watch. I am just thankful that the cute Jeff Probst can never be voted out.

I actually don’t watch this show, but I might if Donny Osmond would quit teasing us and get on his boogie shoes.

Most of the teams are whiners. Seriously, does it really matter who pulls the clue out of the box first? I wonder if these teams now regret how incredibly petty they look. I hope at this point that Tammy and Victor are VICTORious.

I hope Kris and Danny make it to the finals. My daughters LOVE Adam. I do find him interesting, but I just can’t get the camera mugging over the top “Ring of Fire” performance out of my head. I think my husband might be starting a write-in campaign for Susan Boyle.

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Carrie said...

I am addicted to all those shows except Amazing Race. I'm sure I'd be addicted there too, but I have to draw a line SOMEWHERE!!! :)
I hear ya, Ron drives me MAD CRAZY on Biggest Loser. I loved it when Kristin called his bluff on last week's show. I'm rootin' for Filipe. Tara is a big manic for me.