Monday, May 25, 2009

Homemade Kettle Corn, nice guys, and the end of reality!

Well, I would have to say it was a year for the nice guys on the reality show circuit this season. Even though I wanted Steven to be the Sole Survivor, it was nice to see JT who seems like a genuinely nice guy take the prize. I think Steven was so good at masking his strategy that no one knew he actually had any. Just a little side note, I think both JT and Steven were better looking on the show with their facial hair and rugged outdoor looks.

Jerry and Helen? Really? Never would have thought they would be The Biggest Loser winners. Jerry is another nice guy and another winner. Many would argue that Helen was not very nice staying on the show and sending her daughter home. Without having been in on the full discussion, I would probably agree. Another mother on the show volunteered to go home if others would protect her daughter until the end. Remember Ron? He is not a nice guy and therefore not a winner.

I thought that Tammy and Victor were the nicest of the final four teams left on Amazing Race. And the nice guys crossed the finish line first too.

And I was hoping for either of the nice guys’ duo Danny and Kris to be our next American Idol. To even Kris’ astonishment he pulled it off. I think what is most amazing about his venture is that he really had almost no exposure in the beginning and people still voted for him simply because he is talented.

Another of the nice guys is my son Bryson. He wanted Homemade Kettle Corn to enjoy while watching the finales of some of our shows. Kettle Corn is super easy to make and tastes great too!


2/3 cup popcorn
1/4 cup cooking oil
1/4 cup sugar

Heat oil over medium heat in a large skillet with a tight fitting lid.
Add popcorn and continue to heat until first kernel pops.
Quickly stir in sugar until it is dissolved.
Cover and continue to shake skillet. Be careful so popcorn doesn't burn.
After popcorn is popped, pour in a bowl and lightly salt.

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Carrie said...

I hear ya! I was fine with all the winners of the reality shows except for Helen. She was a little too proud of herself at the finale. I wanted Tara to win. Oh well! I'm eager to see the Fall season of Survivor, did Jeff say they were going to Samoa? Fun!
That Kettle Corn look yummy, I will have to try it sometime. Thanks for the recipe!