Saturday, February 19, 2011


This past week was my 27th wedding anniversary, and my husband gave me a list of 27 items that he loves about me. Listed as reason number ten is “You admittedly love Jeff Probst but for some reason you won’t leave me for him”. I think that he might be giving me just a little bit too much credit. Jeff has not nor will he ever ask me to be his girl, and that is a good thing because I am not sure that I could resist those dimples.

Yesterday I went to my parents’ house to pay them a visit. Congesting their street were two very large tree cutting service trucks and just in front of the trucks was an orange sign that read “Men Working Ahead”. For two hours I watched those men work at shooting hoops on the neighbor’s basketball standard but not once did they cut, trim, or even attempt to look at a tree. I guess the sign should have been a little more specific as to what type of work these men should have been doing.

And that orange “Your Tax Dollars at Work” sign seems to suppose that I want or even need the particular sidewalk or street “improvements” in my area. Pay down the national debt, give a police officer a raise, or improve education would be a great way to put MY hard earned tax dollars to work.

I am presuming by the appalled look and the “no comment” comment at the end of the report that the Nightline anchor was totally disgusted by the report, and I guess I would have been shocked if she wasn’t. I am so tired of people being rewarded for bad behavior. The tattoo painting who broke up Sandra Bullock’s marriage is now reporting that she makes a lot more money after the scandal than she did before. Apparently being a hoochie mama is a lucrative business that gets you an agent, personal appearances, and your own reality show. If that is what it takes to become rich and famous these days, I will be happy to die an unknown self-respected content middle class woman.

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