Sunday, March 6, 2011

The weird, wild, and wacky

That is how I would describe the bizarre behavior of Charlie Sheen, and it is wild all the air time his insanity case is getting on TV. I got my feel of him with the 10 minute blip last week on Nightline. I guess it is the car wreck syndrome. Most of us know we shouldn’t gawk, but we just can’t stop ourselves.

I didn’t watch the Academy Awards, but heard about the planned or unplanned (depending on who you believe) dropping of the f-bomb by someone old enough to know better. It’s just a little weird, but I thought it was only teenagers who thought that swearing made them look cool. I guess that proves that most of Hollywood has never grown up.

I was not surprised by Randy or J-Lo’s wild card picks but thought Steven Tyler would have made a different choice. After all his drooling over the good looking less than talented girls, I was sure he would choose one of his hot babes.

My daughter was almost in for a wild night when trying to vote for her favorite guy on American Idol. She misdialed just one number and was greeted by a very seductive voice inviting her to a good time. Don’t think that was just a coincidence that a sex chat number was one off from an American Idol voting line. The adult sex industry is very crafty at targeting our children.

Went to a college basketball game yesterday and witnessed a lot of wacky behavior. The guy directly in front of me who asked the gentleman standing and cheering in front of him to sit down was my favorite. If you want to SIT and enjoy the game, please just stay home. My behavior was a little wacky after that, I wondered if my cheering intensity increased would cause him to ask us all to keep the noise level down. And just totally off subject, if you buy a hotdog, popcorn, or drink, take your trash to a garbage can. And that goes for movie theaters too!

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