Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Never understood why the customary greeting is Happy Halloween. Happiness is not the emotion I have experienced when looking at yard displays, store decorations, or costumes depicting gore, death, and mayhem, but now it will be forever marred by the day that Kim Kardashian’s hopes for true love were dashed after 72 grueling days of marriage.

There is hope for all the male commoners of England. They can now dream of one day becoming a king to their queen. The rules concerning monarch succession have now been altered to avoid discrimination against female heirs. Apparently the policy favoring male heirs is outdated, as if the whole idea of a monarchy is not.
I’m wondering if the woman who stabbed her boyfriend for cheating during a recent monopoly game is just a really poor loser, or if she just took the “Go to jail” card too seriously.
We’re sorry for the miscommunication was the recent apology I received when my local Taco Bell could not get my order right even on the second try. Since I clearly and adequately conveyed my order both times, the definition of miscommunication must be something entirely different than I originally thought.
The middle. My favorite television sitcom. Sweet, funny, and clean. Unfortunately it will probably be cancelled soon.
madoff Schmadoff! Their recent desire to break their silence is about selling books. I would have thought Matt Lauer would have known their motive and wouldn’t need to ask such a ridiculous question.

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i really liked your blog it was funny and I did not know some of the info.