Wednesday, January 11, 2012

New Year, New Do

I heard the phrase New Year, New You so many times last week that I began to get a complex about what was wrong with the old me. If I made a list, it would probably include significant items such as needing to be less judgmental to something as frivolous as needing a change in the way I do my hair.

I am always looking for something a little different, but when my hairdresser asks, “What are we going to do today?” I panic and don’t want to do anything too drastic and leave with just a trim. I want something different, up-to-date, and new, but my hair seems to always end up looking the same. Something I believe Donald Trump and I have in common.

Saw an ad for his new Celebrity Apprentice and the only one I recognized was Clay Aiken. It was just a quick peek, but I just assumed that if you were a celebrity, people shouldn’t have to wonder why you were famous.

I did recognize other Idol alum during the recent CMA awards but was saddened to see how ridiculously thin Kellie Pickler, Carrie Underwood, and Lauren Alaina have become. I thought Lauren was so cute with her curves.

Speaking of starving yourself, I bet Warren Jeffs’ followers wish his hunger protest had a different end result now that he has banned toys, sex, and anything that might seem even slightly fun.

Unlike Mr. Jeffs, JLo and Marc Anthony won’t be serving jail time for their respective relationships with their barely old enough lovers, but it sure does seem just a little bit creepy.

Several other not-so-surprising Hollywood break-ups occurred recently. Katy Perry and Demi Moore once again find themselves single. And their former men, well, a little advise for the new year, they each could use a new do!

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