Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Super Bizarre Sunday

As my son was watching the excessive festivities leading up to the big game on Sunday, he called me in the room to watch a trailer for the upcoming Hunger Games movie. I watched it and then returned to my reading. About an hour later when the game was about to begin, I entered the room to begin dinner preparations and noticed a message scrolling along the bottom of the television screen informing viewers of the Powell deaths. He said he had thought about it when I asked why he didn’t call me in to watch that report.

I am not sure if there is a lesson to be learned about my parenting skills, or if it is just a reflection on our society in general. It seems almost daily that there are news reports and updates of missing women and children, and so often the circumstances lead one to question whether or not a “loved” one might be responsible. Certainly Josh Powell’s actions were horrific, evil and incredibly cowardly, but not really surprising. Mark Hacking, OJ Simpson, and Casey Anthony have given us reason to believe that the most unthinkable acts take place daily by one who should give all to love, honor, and protect. I am saddened that my children are growing up in a society that has become increasingly less shocked by the heinous crimes of supposable loved ones.

On a lighter note, I wish I was shocked by the offensive and repulsive behavior of those in the entertainment industry, but unfortunately it has become the norm. I wonder if the “who was that singing with Madonna” half-time performer was worried that no one would be talking about her the next day if she relied solely on her talent to make an impression. I wish I could introduce her and Mrs. Tom Brady to a bar of soap!

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