Sunday, February 15, 2009

I can't find the right grain.

So I have been using spelt flour with great success in a variety of recipes and was beginning to think it was a miracle grain. So I thought I would try it in German Pancake. It only calls for 1/2 cup flour, but it has bugged me that I can't find a whole grain that works in this recipe. Spelt flour definitely had the same flavor as hard white wheat. Not bad, but it has a strong wheat flavor. I would like a grain that doesn't over power the egg taste. My son didn't even notice because all he can taste is syrup. I have tried barley flour and soy flour. Soy flour was beyond horrible. There isn't enough syrup in the world to hide that taste.


cathy said...

Do you have King Arthur Flour's Whole Grain Baking book? If you don't, get over here and borrow it. For whole grain pancakes they suggest adding a little orange juice to the batter, as it helps mellow the "tannic" flavors of the whole wheat.
What about whole wheat pastry flour? Oat flour?

Alison said...

I tried oat flour this week, and it tasted like oats and eggs. I will try the orange juice trick next. I actually have that book. I should probably dust it off.