Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Presentation! Presentation! Presentation!

I make homemade wheat rolls on Sunday quite frequently. I usually just shape them in a boring regular roll because you can use the leftovers for sandwiches. And, to be honest I am lazy, and it is just easier that way. Well, every once in a while I get fancy, and it is funny how the rolls taste so much better. Same recipe, different shape, and many more compliments.

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Carrie said...

Those are beautiful! Presentation in cooking is a weak point for me. Making the meal is so much effort I usually just sit the pan on the table! My dad is mega into presentation. He won't even put a jar of jam on the table, he has to spoon it into a fancy crystal jam dish...and don't even THINK about putting mashed potatoes on the table without parsley on top! Please.