Saturday, August 21, 2010

For the technologically challenged

Do you ever learn something and immediately wonder why no one explained this to you sooner? Now some of you pro texters out there probably learned this as a baby, but maybe there is just one other person out there who doesn’t know this little bit of info and will be delighted that I shared my new found knowledge. I have liked using texting as a way to keep in touch with my teenagers but that was as far as my texting went because it seemed it would take longer to text one simple sentence than it would take to make a phone call. One of my frustrations has been numbers. I couldn’t ever figure out how to just get a simple “1” in my text, and so instead I would type “one”. Well, that doesn’t seem too difficult unless one of your children ask you to text them a phone number. Nine, six, nine, two, seven . . . you get the point. Once in exasperation, I gave my phone to one of my children to text a number, and they said, “Mom, you just hold down the number!” Well, what do you know, I simply pushed and held down the 8 and instead of a T, an 8 appeared. And now any one who needs a number, address, bank account balance, forgotten library card, or anything but my visa number, I am happy to oblige.

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