Saturday, September 25, 2010

Crazy Thoughts of the Day

Whose crazy idea was it to have Katy Perry on Sesame Street? She certainly isn’t anyone I would want my preschooler to identify with fully clothed or not.

One of the craziest families on TV is the Heck family from The Middle. I had watched a few reruns of this show during the summer, and thought it was quite funny. Wednesday evening was its season premiere, and I was laughing crazy hard.

The "experts" featured on Nightline sharing their beliefs that all sugar is bad just seem a little crazy to me. Can you really put an apple and a package of skittles in the same category because they each contain the same amount of sugar? People who believe all sugars are bad, and therefore avoid fruit, but then think nothing of eating fries and a Big Mac just drive me crazy!

I have never watched Jon Stewart of The Daily Show. Even if I had cable I would probably find him a little bit of a potty mouth for my taste. As I watched him on Oprah this week talking about his Rally to Restore Sanity, I thought he had some good points. He said it is the craziest among us who get the attention in our society, and often lawmakers try to pass legislation to stop the crazies. But many of these laws seem insane and end up restricting the freedoms of the normal. His point - you just can’t legislate crazy!

One of my favorite children’s books is Flipped. I just happened to be watching the Today Show one day when Rob Reiner was on to promote the movie he directed based on the book. It was the first I had heard about the movie. He said it was in limited release, and so I began watching to see when it would be in the Salt Lake area. It came two weeks ago and is almost on its way out. This maybe a crazy idea, but it seems like Hollywood wants PG movies to fail. It had almost no advertising, and even many fans of the book weren’t even aware a movie had been made.

How many crazies are there on Survivor this season? Too many to count! I often wonder if some of these contestants have ever watched the show before they go on it. I am not sure who is crazier the person who takes a pair of shoes and after filling them with sand sinks them in the ocean and then confesses, or the person who brings a $1600 pair of shoes on the show.

How crazy would it be to be evacuated from your home and not know if your home will survive a raging fire? As my family watched the news Sunday evening about the Herriman fire, we were saddened for all the families who left their homes that day not knowing if they would lose all they had left behind. We listed all the things we would try to take with us. Of course pictures and keepsakes were the first things on our list. In my bathroom, I have a jewelry box that was handmade by a daughter and given to me on Mother’s Day during a time when I truly thought she hated me. Because it isn’t with all of our other memorabilia, it would probably have been left behind. I wonder how many things were left behind by the families who lost their homes, and just now they are realizing they lost something that was very precious to them. It is crazy how it is the things that cost the least amount that we would try to save.


heidivee said...

I love your blog, Alison. I saw Jon Stewart on Oprah and went..."Huh. I kind of agree with him." It surprised me. And those crazies seriously put an apple in the same category as skittles? WHAT? Whatever is what I say to that. Thanks for this post. I like it. :)

heidivee said...

Oh, and just had to say HELLO to the Katy Perry comment. Who in the world thought that would work out? Dumb. So dumb. For real.