Thursday, January 21, 2010

Al Gore, I’m still here!

It has been months since I have communicated to Mr. Gore, but I was thinking about him as I was shoveling my driveway this morning. We have a snow blower, but it isn’t as therapeutic as my shovel, or as environmentally friendly. To be honest, halfway through shoveling just the driveway, I wondered why I didn’t get the snow blower out, but then a picture of Al Gore came to my mind. Alright, it wasn’t Al Gore but the release of frustration towards raising teenagers that kept that shovel going. When my husband asked me why the shovel, I told him shoveling was beneficial to my emotional well being and that of my children. He wondered why I hadn’t done the whole neighborhood. So my shovel was three fold today. I did my part for the planet, I got a little exercise, and I am better prepared for the aggravation of raising teenagers. Bring it on! And I still think Al Gore would be proud.

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Carrie said...

I'm with you...I love shoveling the driveway. If there is a skiff on my driveway, I'm out there with a shovel...just ask my neighbors. I bet they think I'm super anal. For me, it's not so much as frustrating teenagers that I'm taking a break from, as it is whiny babies and small children. Which is worse? You decide. :)