Saturday, January 23, 2010

A dumb blonde joke?

“Well, my main message is that beauty is really from within.” Heidi Montag on Nightline

Until this week, I had never heard of Heidi Montag. I saw her interviewed on Nightline, she was talked about on The Bonnie Hunt Show, and I saw her on the cover of various magazines at the grocery store. I believe that she is famous for being famous. At the age of 23, she had ten plastic surgery procedures during a $30,000 ten hour almost-lost-her-life operation. I liked her cute and wholesome girl-next-door looks. Now she just looks fake and plastic. There is a reason they call it plastic surgery. But she wants all the young girls that look up to her as a role model to know that beauty really comes from within. Well so does happiness, self-worth, and personal contentment. She seems to not understand any of that. How sad!

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Anonymous said...

Here face appears to be really stiff. What a shame. This is "plastic body is better" attitude is being thrown at all of us everyday.
I am beautiful, but I look like an average woman. Is that so bad?