Tuesday, November 9, 2010

I guess if Al can do it so can I!

That would be Roker and not Gore. During the winter, my husband is obsessed with the weather. Since our business involves delivering each day, he wants to know if snow might be on the roads. So yesterday morning, he was flipping through the morning shows for weather updates, and I saw Al Roker with a bigger than usual smile on his face and a very large medal around his neck. Come to find out along with his colleague Meredith Vieira, he had run in the New York City Marathon. To be honest I am quite jealous. I ran the Snow Canyon half-marathon this weekend and about mile eleven I just wanted to cry. I have running a marathon on my bucket list, but the training schedule seems overwhelming. Maybe if I had a personal trainer, chef, and broadcast my progress on a TV show it might happen. Well, I don’t see any of those happening in the near or even very distant future so I guess I am on my own with that goal. As if Al Roker’s story of weight loss and marathon running wasn’t enough to inspire me, one of the Chilean miners also ran and finished the New York City Marathon. If he can train while trapped in a mine, I really have no excuse.

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