Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Check your closets

There is a saying that was probably started by Imelda Marcos about one can never own too many pairs of shoes. I learned last night that not only do I own too many pairs of shoes but pants as well.

My husband is a night person and I am a morning person, and so it is not unusual for me to go to bed a couple hours before him such as I did last night. About 12:45, I heard him crawling into bed, and then he fell into a deep sleep while my mind wandered for a while. At 1:15, we were both startled awake by a boom, boom, crash, boom, boom noise. Instantly we both jumped out of bed not knowing if we had an intruder in our home or if World War III had begun. I called out to my son whose room is across the hall from mine. He was frightened as well but safe. I immediately ran downstairs not knowing if my daughter was in trouble. I think I gave her a heart attack as I opened her door and ran into her room. Gratefully, she was safe. I found nothing amiss downstairs and headed back to our main floor where my husband was searching for the cause of the commotion. As I was climbing the stairs, I had a thought to check my walk-in closet. I opened the door and found a huge mess. A clothes bar that was heavily weighed down by mostly my pants had fallen and pulled down the attached shelf above it. On the shelf, I stored many of my shoes in their boxes. All of them falling explained repeated gun shot like sounds we had heard. We arranged the clothes so no additional falling would awaken us, closed the door, and comforted our children before heading back to bed. As we climbed back into our bed with hearts still racing my kind husband who knew he now had several hours of repair work to do just said, “I think you own too many pairs of pants.”

I am not sure why I hold on to pants that no longer fit when there are many charities that would love these gently used clothes. After I turned 40, a few extra pounds slowly crept on my body, and I dream that one day they will fall off, and I will be able to fit in my old jeans. It really is just torture to see them hanging in the closet. I am almost embarrassed to admit it, but without feeling much of a dent in my clothing pile so far I am donating 37 pants, shirts, skirts and sweaters to Deseret Industries. The sad part is that many a day I walk in to my closet and feel as if I have nothing to wear. Ridiculous, I know!

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Holly Strong said...

Hahaha Alison, I am the same way. I just don't let them all hang in my closet. I have small thin rubbermaids full of pants under my bed. I don't dare get rid of any since I am still having kids and oh so often dig into the different sizes, but I also look at my closet and feel like I have nothing to wear, when I have SOOO much. Good job clearing out old stuff....I bet it felt good. I got rid of a bunch of stuff recently and it felt so nice. I learned a tip on a show I watched, where you turn all of your clothes hangers around and when you rehang them, you hang them the right way (which means you wore them.) If after a few months you still have clothes facing the wrong way you should donate them. I did this with me and my hubby and it was pretty cool.