Friday, January 30, 2009

The Deal Breaker.

So I started reading this clever little book on Tuesday. I saw it on a shelf of recommended books at the library and thought it sounded cute. Not because I am a fan of any particular breed of dogs, but because of how the quirky relationship between the dog and its owner was portrayed. I was enjoying how witty this book was until page 85. Then the deal breaker happened. I have a hard time seeing some swear words in print, especially those beginning with the sixth letter of the alphabet. I am tired of that word being thrown in a book for no apparent reason. I decided that there are plenty of other books to read, and this one made me mad, and so I was content to not know how it ended. How I wish there was a rating system for books, and then I would not need to waste my time with books that find it so cool to swear.

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