Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Does Al Gore's can opener look like mine?

After 25 years of service, my electric can opener said enough already, and it has gone where all faithful can openers go when they pass on. It's been about a couple weeks, and I just wasn't sure what the respectful amount of mourning was for a can opener before I could purchase a new one. Last week, I did look a little at Wally World but none of them really screamed "I am the one." Well, on Monday, I was using my trusty hand held build up your muscles can opener when my husband asked if it was my new go green can opener. The light bulb went on! I thought why not just save a little energy and rid myself of unwanted arm flab every time I open a can. I'm not sure if Al Gore has thought of ditching his electric can opener. If he hasn't, I would like him to seriously reflect on having sculpted biceps like mine!

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cathy said...

I'm so glad I found your blog! You're one of my heroes, so I'm going to be stalking you for good recipes.