Thursday, January 8, 2009

Books, books, and more books for Christmas break.

During Christmas break, it seems that I don't feel too guilty just lounging and reading. For the past few years, I have read Skipping Christmas during the month of December. I love this book. This year I purchased my own copy with the original cover. This book was made into a not so good movie called Christmas with the Kranks, and then of course the original book cover had to be replaced with the movie cover. It really bugs me when they take a great cover and replace it with a picture of the actors. I like to picture the characters how I see them and not how Hollywood does. Pass on the movie and read the book.
The Christmas Sweater by Glenn Beck was enjoyable. I would read it again. It made you think about what is truly important in life and to be grateful for the little things.
One of my all time favorite books is Small Change: the Secret Life of Penny Burford. It is a really quick read. It gives me a warm feeling when I read it. It exemplifies how the little things we do in life can really make a big difference.

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