Friday, December 26, 2008

Maybe I'm addicted to canvas shopping bags. Project Al Gore - Week 4

I finished my Christmas shopping on Tuesday December 23rd. Yeah! Go me! Before I was finished, I bought another reusable shopping bag. This one was from JC Penney's.

I had brought my own bag into the store with the plan to use it, but these were at the check out stand and I decided I really liked it and wanted to add it to my collection of non-grocery reusable bags. The funny thing when I bought this bag is that the store clerk asked me if I wanted my clothing items in the bag. My reply - WHAT??? Isn't that the purpose of the bag? She said you would be surprised at how many people purchase the bag but don't want their items in it. Maybe I'm missing something but that seems just a little silly.

I saved an additional 17 bags this past week.
Total count thus far . . . 86!

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