Saturday, December 6, 2008

Al Gore Project Update!

So this week I have done a lot of Christmas shopping. I have used my bags at a variety of stores - Old Navy, Hobby Lobby, Robert's, Wal-mart, and Smith's Marketplace. I figured that I have saved a total of 22 plastic shopping bags this week. I can see Al Gore smiling at me right now. I have to confess that when I went to Kohl's, I had only taken 2 bags into the store with me, and I ended up buying so much merchandise that I knew it would not all fit into my 2 bags. I decided to have my merchandise all put into a large plastic bag from their store that I will then use at my home for Deseret Industries items. I have had mixed reviews about my bags thus far. The clerk at Old Navy wished that more people would use reusable bags. She said that her sister had bought some but has never used them. At Smith's marketplace, I had to keep reminding the cashier to use the cloth bags I brought. Three times she put my merchandise in the plastic bags. I know that I am asking them to do something out of the norm so I wasn't annoyed. But speaking of annoyed, the customer behind me at Smith's was irritated that my check out was taking so long because of the cloth bags. So Al Gore my contribution this week to the environment is that I used 22 less bags. Only 28 to go to reach my goal. I vote when I have reached it my Christmas shopping is done.

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