Sunday, January 23, 2011

I am done!

Before I started the cleanse, and even half-way through, I thought that I might make this a yearly commitment, but now I am not so sure. I like food. I like making my family food. I like baking. I like watching a movie with a bowl of popcorn. I like going to dinner. I like having family over for Sunday dinner. The cleansing part is only ten days, but I also did the three day ease in and am currently on the three day ease out. Sixteen days out of 365 doesn’t seem like that much, but when you have to put them all together it felt hard. I will have to see what the long term benefits will be before I determine if I will starve myself again. One of the short term benefits was the cute decorations my husband made to congratulate us on as he said, "Mastering the Cleanse."

With the help of my daughter who shared my days of cleansing, we wrote this poem.

 Elimination (My daughter didn’t agree with the title, but I thought it was funny.)

Planning and preparing to begin the cleanse,
Let’s get it started ‘cause I just want it to end.

Buying tons of lemons, maple syrup, and tea,
Plenty of wipes will also be something you need.

It sounds awfully long to go ten days without food.
I better warn my family that I might be in a bad mood.

Day one begins and the drink seems okay.
I think I can do it; it is just simply nine more days.

Eliminating, eliminating so much on day two.
Let’s just say it, “I am sick of going poo!”

Day three, day three, oh it's just day three,
At least I can be grateful for herbal tea.

The lemonade drink is getting old by day four.
Do I really need to drink sixty-three more?

I stretch and awake on day number five,
I simply wonder how am I still alive.

Half-way done by the morning of day six,
I’m a little concerned, my daughter looks like a stick.

Day seven and I wonder how much more I can take.
My health better improve for goodness sake.

The amazing discovery on morning of day eight,
In one week I can’t believe I have lost that much weight.

Day nine, day nine, oh blessed day nine,
I wonder how much more could I possibly whine?

I hear myself declare at the end of day ten,
“I will absolutely never do this again!”


mindy said...

Congratulations you did it! I can't wait to hear what your first meal was post cleanse. What did you choose?

Loved the poem.

chelsea said...

Nice poem! Congratulations for this nice post of yours!

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Alison said...

After the ten day cleanse, it is recommended to drink orange juice the first day, more orange juice the second day with vegetable broth and soup by evening, and day three more orange juice, vegetable soup, and then a salad. I did that, and for lunch on the fourth day, I went and bought an avocado veggie sandwich from Kneaders. It was sooo good!