Sunday, January 16, 2011

I am a health snob

I go to church weekly. I try to live the golden rule. I give to charities. And I try to be honest in the things I do, but I am pretty sure that heaven is going to slam the doors when I try to sneak in. Most people will probably feign ignorance when rejected at the pearly gates. Not me. I know why I will be kept out. The one commandment that tells us not to judge is my definite down fall. I don’t judge every aspect of another person’s life just their health choices. For example, yesterday as I was grocery shopping on my day three of the master cleanse (which is a whole different post for another day) I was dismayed at all the unhealthy food options. And they are only available because that is what people buy, and then we wonder why we are such an overweight, unhealthy nation. After walking through the isles and shaking my head at the shopping carts full of soda, chips, and processed easy meals, I went to my car and passed two women smoking. I definitely need to go to church and repent today.

Well before I begin my new repentant attitude, I would like to recommend one thing before our nation goes to nationalized healthcare. I believe The Biggest Loser should be required watching for our nation. Just as television program is pre-empted for the President’s address, we could do the same for Bob and Jillian. It is quite amazing to watch the transformation of the contestants. As their diets improve so does their health, and as their weight decreases so does their physical issues and the amount of medicines they take. I know we might be putting some pharmaceutical reps out of a job, but maybe they could become personal fitness trainers instead. I think that would be a more rewarding career anyhow.

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