Sunday, January 2, 2011


It is now officially time for people to exercise daily, give up sugar completely, quit smoking, lose 50 pounds in a month, and never ever say anything unkind about anyone ever again. See the problem with most New Year’s resolutions is that they are entirely unrealistic, and besides who really wants to totally give up sugar. Smoking and exercising are not a problem for me, and I wish that I never had said anything unkind about anyone, but I blew it in kindergarten when I met Jason Despain. Instead of New Year’s resolutions, a friend of mine sets a number of goals on her birthday consistent with how old she will be on her next birthday. My birthday isn’t until March, but I thought I might start compiling the list, and if I happen to accomplish one of my goals early, I think it will be okay because I can set the rules. It is my life after all. On my list will definitely have to be a marathon. It is just time to make it happen. I have always wanted to learn to swim with correct strokes. I finally allowed myself to get past the embarrassment and took an adult swim class last year, and so I would really like to do a triathlon this year. I printed out a bagel recipe last year with the intent of making my own bagels, and now that is officially on my to-do list. Two things I have never done despite attending a Christian church most of my life is read the entire Bible beginning to end, and tie a neck tie for my boys. Even though my boys are older now, it is probably a good skill to have and a simple goal to complete. Well, I have five items on my list with 42 more to go. Forty-two plus five makes me sound old.

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