Tuesday, January 4, 2011

If I was in charge of reality

Tonight begins another season of The Biggest Loser. Changes are coming to the show, but not necessarily the changes that I would like to see. I was so tired last season of Elizabeth falling below the yellow line week after week and never being eliminated, and players who worked hard every week falling below only once and being voted out. I think there needs to be a rule that if you fall below three weeks in a row, then you are automatically the player sent home. That would prevent the week players making it all the way to the end.

American Idol will begin soon without the charming Simon Cowell. I can’t believe their world wide search to replace him ended with Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler. If the show doesn’t self destruct, I have the best idea for two new judges. Adam Lambert and Kellie Pickler would be perfect. I am not a fan of Adam, but I really liked him when he was a mentor. I thought he gave excellent feedback. And Kellie would keep you watching just to see what she would say next. Oh, I miss Paula Abdul.

I am currently missing Jeff Probst. I was so happy to hear him announce that if you quit Survivor, then you may not be on the jury. I vote if you quit the show you can no longer be on any reality program. You just know that Na’Onka is not going away any time soon. A fun season for Survivor if they are in need of any ideas would be pitting Boston Rob against Russell. Wouldn’t that be fun if they got to pick their own teams and compete against each other?

And one little complaint against The Amazing Race, I hate challenges that require one team to completely finish before the next team can begin. That gives the first team there a significant advantage without the chance of the other teams catching up. It definitely shouldn’t happen on the last leg. I just really wanted Brooke and Claire to be the first all female team to win. Maybe they will be back next season for Second Chances. They were a lot of fun to watch.


heidivee said...

I love you Allison. You are a seriously witty, smart woman. Thanks for this blog. It brightens my day, makes me laugh. And gives me some yummy recipes. Oh, and I agree. Completely. With all of it. :)

Ashlee, Justin, & Owen said...

Brooke and Claire!
Brooke and Claire!
Brooke and Claire!